So where does one start…

So where does one start? Seems “It was a dark and stormy night” is already taken. So where do I begin? Perhaps it is  best to simply start. So here goes…

I have been interested for some time in this blogging thing and feel I have some things to say, but have yet to put my words into the public ring… After 25 years in public education, I am now teaching at Hamline University in the Master of Arts in Teaching program. It has been a good fit. Just prior to Hamline, and highly influential in my professional development, I served as science curriculum coordinator at Saint Paul’s Crossroads Elementary School – a great place to be. My interests lie in science education, inquiry, the intersection of science and literacy, and learning in the 21st century. These are the topics I hope to focus my writings on – along with a few sidetrips. And so, welcome to “The Purple Crayon.”

About wlindquist

I'm a career educator currently teaching pre-service teachers at Hamline University - Master of Arts in Teaching program. Interested in science education, inquiry-based science, and the intersection of science and literacy.
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2 Responses to So where does one start…

  1. Harold beats Bulwer-Lytton by a mile, both in eloquence and in substance. You’ve chosen wisely. I’m glad you’re throwing your ideas into the ring and look forward to the next installment.

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