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I'm a career educator currently teaching pre-service teachers at Hamline University - Master of Arts in Teaching program. Interested in science education, inquiry-based science, and the intersection of science and literacy.

Camping Purity

This summer has been our inaugural season with the Andestuga. We set out on two trips to state parks and finished with a visit to a favorite national forest campground. It has been a delight and pleasure to go through … Continue reading

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Walk alongside

The EAGALA method of equine assisted learning is based on the emergence of metaphor to raise and refine meaning and understanding. I just finished my second trip through the initial training. In one session, we were asked to work in … Continue reading

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Metaphorical Tradeoffs

Entering the EAGALA arena is entering the land of metaphor. It is this journey into the world of metaphor that allows me to take my Elementary Science Methods students from inner city Hamline University into a collaborative relationship with 1000-pound … Continue reading

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Be Not Afraid

The Christmas Eve message at Christ the King Lutheran Church was entitled “Be not afraid”. I suspect similar sermons have been preached across the globe. This comforting message finds its ways throughout society. A search for “Be Not Afraid” pulls … Continue reading

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One nail at a time

With hammer in hand and nails in my tool belt, I go out in the morning to work on the addition to our house. We’re adding a bedroom, bathroom, mudroom, and built-in breakfast nook. I hired the basement dug, cement floor … Continue reading

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Trust the Process

On Saturday, I took eight students from my elementary science methods class to Cross P Ranch for a morning with the EAGALA model of equine assisted learning. We used the unique environment of the horse arena to engage in a … Continue reading

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A Holy Moment

I met my granddaughter for the first time last weekend. She was all of six days old. Arriving on the scene at a mere six pounds, six ounces, her physical presence on this earth was seemingly diminutive. Alternating between sleeping, … Continue reading

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Versatile Blogger Award

So why do I write? in a blog format? What is it about the act of writing and putting my thinking out there knowing and expecting that someone may read it? With the hope, even, that someone does. Does it … Continue reading

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Finding Joy in the Nuance of the Familiar

Near the quaint village of Lake Ann, Michigan lies Ransom Lake, a hidden treasure with a secluded trail wrapping its shores. This trail makes an ideal morning walk to recenter one’s spirits. For three days over the holiday break we … Continue reading

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In Susan Cain’s book Quiet, she so eloquently describes the experience of the introvert in a society overtly focused on values of extroversion. She tells the story of Stephen Wozniak’s role in the development of the personal computer. It was … Continue reading

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