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Camping Purity

This summer has been our inaugural season with the Andestuga. We set out on two trips to state parks and finished with a visit to a favorite national forest campground. It has been a delight and pleasure to go through … Continue reading

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Walk alongside

The EAGALA method of equine assisted learning is based on the emergence of metaphor to raise and refine meaning and understanding. I just finished my second trip through the initial training. In one session, we were asked to work in … Continue reading

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Be Not Afraid

The Christmas Eve message at Christ the King Lutheran Church was entitled “Be not afraid”. I suspect similar sermons have been preached across the globe. This comforting message finds its ways throughout society. A search for “Be Not Afraid” pulls … Continue reading

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One nail at a time

With hammer in hand and nails in my tool belt, I go out in the morning to work on the addition to our house. We’re adding a bedroom, bathroom, mudroom, and built-in breakfast nook. I hired the basement dug, cement floor … Continue reading

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Versatile Blogger Award

So why do I write? in a blog format? What is it about the act of writing and putting my thinking out there knowing and expecting that someone may read it? With the hope, even, that someone does. Does it … Continue reading

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Finding Joy in the Nuance of the Familiar

Near the quaint village of Lake Ann, Michigan lies Ransom Lake, a hidden treasure with a secluded trail wrapping its shores. This trail makes an ideal morning walk to recenter one’s spirits. For three days over the holiday break we … Continue reading

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Andestuga: What’s in a name?

I spent the better part of a summer and fall working on the design and construction of our teardrop camper trailer. It effectively captures the vision and dreams that fueled my drive to create. In many ways it is a … Continue reading

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Acting for the Common Good

 The tranquility of a quiet, sunny afternoon by the lake is quickly shattered by the loud whine of a jet ski racing across the lake. Similarly, the tranquil rustle of dry leaves stirred by the autumn wind is lost in … Continue reading

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To simply breathe…

What does it mean to breathe? I am often asked of my plans are for my sabbatical. My first answer is usually that I need to take the time to breathe. While I say that somewhat tongue-in-cheek, it is, in fact, … Continue reading

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Why do I teach?

I have dedicated my life to the vocation of teaching. Most of my career has been in a kindergarten through 6th grade setting, including 16 years as a classroom teacher and nine as a science specialist. The last six have … Continue reading

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