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Be Not Afraid

The Christmas Eve message at Christ the King Lutheran Church was entitled “Be not afraid”. I suspect similar sermons have been preached across the globe. This comforting message finds its ways throughout society. A search for “Be Not Afraid” pulls … Continue reading

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Countering Groupthink with Solitude

I have been reading again Susan Cain’s book, Quiet. It is a tremendous book bringing to light the often unexamined role of the 50% that fall within the introvert side of the population. Many salient points are raised for me. … Continue reading

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How do you spell excitement?

As a little boy, I remember so well the anticipation of opening an intriguing Christmas present, of the thrill of getting a new bike, of the joy of going on a fishing trip with my dad. Several weeks ago, I … Continue reading

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I am an introvert in an extroverted world

I just read an article about a teacher’s struggle with how to handle introverted students in her classroom (Introverted Kids Need to Learn to Speak up in School, the Atlantic). She was, along with a majority of teachers, an extrovert. … Continue reading

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Transcending the Discipline

I remember a pivotal experience in my professional development. In the late 80’s I attended a “Minnesota Educational Effectiveness Program (MEEP)” institute in which Seymour Papert delivered the keynote address. Papert, an MIT professor/scientist and creator of Logo computer language, … Continue reading

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