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In Susan Cain’s book Quiet, she so eloquently describes the experience of the introvert in a society overtly focused on values of extroversion. She tells the story of Stephen Wozniak’s role in the development of the personal computer. It was … Continue reading

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Countering Groupthink with Solitude

I have been reading again Susan Cain’s book, Quiet. It is a tremendous book bringing to light the often unexamined role of the 50% that fall within the introvert side of the population. Many salient points are raised for me. … Continue reading

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Andestuga: What’s in a name?

I spent the better part of a summer and fall working on the design and construction of our teardrop camper trailer. It effectively captures the vision and dreams that fueled my drive to create. In many ways it is a … Continue reading

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Acting for the Common Good

 The tranquility of a quiet, sunny afternoon by the lake is quickly shattered by the loud whine of a jet ski racing across the lake. Similarly, the tranquil rustle of dry leaves stirred by the autumn wind is lost in … Continue reading

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