A Teardrop Camper

40 years ago I drew plans to convert a step van into a camper with visions of carefree romps around the country. Those latent high school dreams are finally coming to fruition – albeit in a slightly different form. This past winter I became intrigued by the concept of a teardrop trailer.

Over the course of the winter months, I perused the web, looked at countless pictures of teardrops, read stories of their creation, studied plans, and set about to design my own. Each teardrop is unique – hand crafted as labors of love. Passing a teardrop on the road is a remarkable event – “What was that?” The sighting becomes a conversation around the dinner table. They stand out in a crowd for their unusual Middle Earth hobbit hole appearance. They’re akin to the compact efficiency of my first love – my ’67 VW Beetle convertible. They are a creative work of art. I grew excited to transform my drawings and mental images into the real thing.

Through pictures and narrated quips, this is my story of merging my boyhood dream with my intense desire to create a unique work of wheeled functional art. I hope to spend some quality time yet this fall hanging out in some of the Minnesota State Parks.

Click here for photos of the construction process

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