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Crossing the Divide

Outside of Virginia, I crossed the Laurentian Divide. North of that point the waters flow toward Hudson Bay. It was at that point I felt my spirit began to flow in a direction of renewal. I’m running away – away … Continue reading

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In Susan Cain’s book Quiet, she so eloquently describes the experience of the introvert in a society overtly focused on values of extroversion. She tells the story of Stephen Wozniak’s role in the development of the personal computer. It was … Continue reading

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Andestuga: What’s in a name?

I spent the better part of a summer and fall working on the design and construction of our teardrop camper trailer. It effectively captures the vision and dreams that fueled my drive to create. In many ways it is a … Continue reading

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The Power of Persistence

Over time, a slow, steady, dripping of water has the power to erode the resistant power of rock formations. I am reminded often of these metaphors from nature. On the surface building a teardrop camping trailer from scratch seems a … Continue reading

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To simply breathe…

What does it mean to breathe? I am often asked of my plans are for my sabbatical. My first answer is usually that I need to take the time to breathe. While I say that somewhat tongue-in-cheek, it is, in fact, … Continue reading

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The School Bus Drove by Without Me…

The school bus drove by this morning picking up neighborhood school children eager for the start of a brand new year. I watched it go by – and went back into the house. For 35 years, my inner calendar kicked … Continue reading

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