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Finding Joy in the Nuance of the Familiar

Near the quaint village of Lake Ann, Michigan lies Ransom Lake, a hidden treasure with a secluded trail wrapping its shores. This trail makes an ideal morning walk to recenter one’s spirits. For three days over the holiday break we … Continue reading

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In Susan Cain’s book Quiet, she so eloquently describes the experience of the introvert in a society overtly focused on values of extroversion. She tells the story of Stephen Wozniak’s role in the development of the personal computer. It was … Continue reading

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Countering Groupthink with Solitude

I have been reading again Susan Cain’s book, Quiet. It is a tremendous book bringing to light the often unexamined role of the 50% that fall within the introvert side of the population. Many salient points are raised for me. … Continue reading

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I Am One of the Masses

I stood in line for two and a half hours this morning as I watched the procession of nameless faces slowly snake around corners and meander through labyrinth barriers – all in anticipation of procuring a new iPhone 5s. This … Continue reading

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I am an introvert in an extroverted world

I just read an article about a teacher’s struggle with how to handle introverted students in her classroom (Introverted Kids Need to Learn to Speak up in School, the Atlantic). She was, along with a majority of teachers, an extrovert. … Continue reading

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